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In 2002, more than 40 local Goodwills helped us design a customizable and effective web-based program to manage and streamline workforce development operations. GoodTrak was created to meet your needs for client referrals, placement, and retention. It is undoubtedly one of the most significant enhancements to Goodwill's career services in years. Whether your staff needs to track client referrals, track placement, or generate varying reports to detail progress, GoodTrak has been designed to meet those needs efficiently. All client information is located at your fingertips.

 News and Announcements
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November 2, 2012 - GoodTrak Now Supports Walmart Foundation`s Beyond Jobs 2012 Grant
GoodTrak is being used by subgrantees of the Beyond Jobs grant, operated by Goodwill, and supported by the Walmart Foundation. GII`s GoodTrak Team has customized a module which will provide reports on the women served, and the outcomes achieved. In addition, a new invoicing function has been added to GoodTrak to effectively manage this, and other, pay-for-performance grants. The system will also continue to support data collection and reporting for the Annual Statistical Report (ASR).

Beyond Jobs will serve as a flagship program for Walmart Foundation`s Global Economic Empowerment Initiative, a major initiative that will use the company`s global size and scale to help empower women around the world. Over the next five years, Walmart will lead an effort with specific goals to open markets for women-owned businesses and increase training and career opportunities for women. By the end of 2016, the Walmart Foundation aims to increase sourcing from women-owned businesses; empower women on farms and in factories through training, market access, and career opportunities; empower women through job training and education; increase gender diversity among major suppliers; and make significant philanthropic giving toward women`s economic empowerment. In the U.S., Walmart will help 200,000 women from low-income households gain job skills and access higher education. Together, Goodwill and the Walmart Foundation are collaborating to enhance U.S. women`s employment and career advancement oportunities through Beyond Jobs. The goal of Beyond Jobs is to serve a total of 12,250 unemployed and/or underemployed women by equipping them with the tools to achieve their educational, career, and financial goals. Beyond Jobs will expand the target population from single mothers to include low-income unemployed and underemployed women who want to advance their careers.

November 9, 2012 - New OnTrak Sessions Schedule Posted
New OnTrak Sessions have been posted for November through February. Refer to the OnTrak Sessions section on this page for a listing of specific dates and topics.

March 19, 2012 - Enhancements Released to GoodTrak
New enhancements have been released to the Business form and client ownership. Please refer to the email sent today from Sarah Newhard for further details.

March 1, 2012 - GoodTrak Now Supports DOJ GoodGuides® 2011 Grant
GoodTrak is being used by subgrantees of the GoodGuides grant, operated by Goodwill, and supported by the Department of Justice. This grant provides mentoring services for at-risk youth for a minimum of three years. Your GoodTrak team is excited to support 42 Goodwills from around the United States and Canada.

OnTrak Sessions

OnTrak with GoodTrak sessions are bi-weekly, 45 minute, web-based seminars which focus on different aspects of the system. The sessions are held on "OnTrak Day" at 2:00pm EST to accommodate users on the West Coast and Hawaii. Below is the schedule for the upcoming sessions of OnTrak with GoodTrak. All sessions will be recorded, and links to the records will be provided within the Training module of GoodTrak. Please contact Sarah Newhard for instructions on attending.

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